“Your studies and Intellectual Property activity must have direction, You should be based not only on your own experience but other millions companies or people experiences that have done the same job as well, then your studies and work must have a guide too; you can make the same mistake time after time, without understanding it’s quite an error”

Edwin R. Cabrera

“The entrepreneur should keep in mind that protecting his brands prior to developing anything else would be the first added value he could get.”

Angélica Montoya

“The power of a brand is inversely proportional to its scope… therefore, going after a entire market is increasingly irrelevant and inefficient”

Edwin R. Cabrera

“Both government institutions and agents must keep the policy to work together and be the first exponents of information in the area of intellectual property.”

Angélica Montoya


We provide comprehensive Industrial Property, segregated into three distinct areas for the knowledge and expertise required for successful implementation.


Our competition is the Full Service in Intellectual Property in its various approaches to the profile of the customer concerned..


At Montoya, Kociecki & Asociados we count on a specialized team in the legal area in order to provide the best support to our clients.



Since we deeply understand the intimate relationship between The Intellectual Property and the commercial world, we offer our specialized advisory in Marketing.


In order to provide our clients with a full service through our website, we have designed a complete form, especially for trademark application orders.

With this on-line form we can receive your instructions immediately and our department will answer your queries and will send back the confirmation receipt along with the relevant observations and required documents forms.

Consider this tool as an easy, fast and secure connection with us.

In case of doubts, please contact us at: office@montoyacabrera.com



Team is developing and offering structured, precise, custom tailored and fully adapted advisory and management to the needs of our customers in order to achieve efficiency and economy in management, in the area of intellectual property and marketing, from Madrid-Spain at a national and international level
Understanding the needs of our customers as ours, we strive to provide the proper consulting an advice that suit according to their objectives, providing accurate, precise, effective, comprehensive and prompt information and solutions to their business problems or issues.

  • Responsibility 100%
  • Efficiency 100%
  • Attention 100%


MONTOYA, CABRERA & ASOCIADOS is directed by Angelica Montoya, Bachelor of Administrative and Management Sciences, Specialist in Intellectual Property and New Technologies and Edwin Cabrera, Bachelor of Administrative and Management Sciences and Marketing Specialist, Commercialization and Business Development; which due to their training and professional experience give to this team a fully management, holistic and comprehensive vision of the commercial world and Intellectual Property for the benefit of its clients.



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